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Living in Kalamazoo for the last 9 years has been incredible. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in industrial & entrepreneurial engineering with minors in mathematics and supply chain.

I am particularly proud of my training in problem solving, project management, negotiations, innovation, and statistics. In addition to my regular curriculum, I also took classes in environmental engineering and bio-process engineering. 

I strongly believe that these skills will make me an EXCELLENT drain commissioner and I am excited to use my education to serve the residents of Kalamazoo.


I have had roles and worked in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive, process chillers, and aerospace hydraulic systems. I've lead projects, managed teams, negotiated supply chains, developed talent and so much more...

The experience I've gained in the professional world gives me great confidence in my ability to make quick effective  and well educated decisions.

Throughout my time leading teams, I found the most effective way to lead is to listen. As drain commissioner, I will be a public servant to the community.

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You can talk to my friends and family, I am passionate in everything I do. I love nature, I love learning, and I love helping people.

To me, this is more than a county drain commissioner position. This is an opportunity to work in a field that I love, listen to the community needs, and lead based on what I am hearing. 

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2652 Hazelnut Lane Kalamazoo MI 49004

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