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Campaign Service

This is a very tough time for our community. We meet so many people on this campaign trail. So many people who are in need of help, so many that can help, and so many that do help but are not always recognized. That is why Joanna Croes has invested time in charity work and trying to connect the need with resources that can help! In addition she is also actively working to show our front line workers the appreciation they deserve.

Donations to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

With the increased number of people needing support during this hard time, the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission has stepped up to the plate and we have too! Our campaign has been shuttling supplies from your door step to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. So we have collected multiple car loads PACKED full with supplies. If you'd like to donate please email JoannaLCroes@gmail.com to coordinate a pick up from your porch!

Supplies Needed

These are high in demand:

  • Hygiene products such as tooth paste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

  • Food to-go trays

  • Non-perishable food

Appreciation for Front Line Workers

They deserve our biggest thank you

April 12, 2020 ~ This was a tough Easter. Many of us were not able to spend it with our loved ones due to the COVID-19 shut down. To thank those who had to be on the front lines this Easter, Joanna Croes made celebratory cupcakes to make the day a little brighter.

Do you know a front line worker that needs a brighter day? Email JoannaLCroes@gmail.com today!

Adopting a Family

A family reached out to us in need. Due to campaign finance law, we cannot take any money donations for the family but we can pick up donations from your porch and deliver them to the family. So far we have dropped of clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, furniture, and more!

If you are in need and interested in being adopted as an anonymous family or have donations you would like to give, email JoannaLCroes@gmail.com or message her on Facebook at Joanna Croes for Kalamazoo Drain Commissioner.

Pop Cans for Kids

Have a ton of cans from the COVID-19 shut down? A member of our community is helping fund the dream of creating a housing and mentoring program for foster kids aging out of the system. Your pop cans can help further that dream!

A message from Nicholas Christer Eaton whom is involved with the program

"It’s called Nadias House. A group of people from my church saw a need in our community- specifically for foster care kids.

Our plan is to buy a house and provide housing for homeless teens who have aged out of the foster care program.

We are currently working with Bethany Christian Services and have a mentor ship program set up. Our goal is to not only help house them, but to teach and mentor them. A lot of these kids don’t even know how to cook, do taxes, clean properly. "

If you would like to coordinate a volunteer picking up cans off your door step, please email JoannaLCroes@gmail.com!

Lawn Care Volunteer

One of our volunteers who is very passionate about serving the community has offered to visit anyone's home who is disabled or elderly and mow their lawn free of charge. Isaac Smith is a very nice, genuine, and kind person. He has his own equipment and is willing to bring it right to you. If you are in need or know someone who is in need of this, please email JoannaLCroes@gmail.com or Call (248) 914-6120 to coordinate.

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